Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh, the things I miss about you, 39

I'm in a bit of a transition right now.. my roommates and I just moved out of our first "home" after college and now going our separate ways. Before we left I took some pictures of the things I knew I'd miss (except the one on the right of the front of the house, which was taken in the fall! I just liked that picture!) Things not pictured that I absolutely loved include.. our yellow kitchen (which was being scrubbed down!).. and my roommates (because they were stubborn, and didn't want their picture taken after cleaning all day). However, I did find a little gem you'll see below :)

The thermometer that sometimes exaggerates (it was one of the cooler days in July!)..

Our neighbors flowers coming up the stairs..

The view outside our window (good old Great Miami River)..

Mandi's MJ calendar, and her MJ tattoo (not pictured)...

Our oh so fashionable orange couch...

And thanks to Alex we have this little gem from Christmas.. (Ben do you miss that hair??) I miss you guys!...

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