Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ERICA & RYAN l cincinnati, ohio

Erica and Ryan are high school sweethearts :) We all knew each other in high school, so when they asked me to photograph them I was more than excited! It had been so long since we've seen one another! They're HUGE sports fans (as you'll see!) and love the fall. The weather and leaves could not be more perfect. I can't wait for your wedding next November! Thank you both again!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Where there is love, there is life'

Meet Amanda, Erich and Amanda's son Elliot. Amanda and I met working at Blink of an Eye Photography. She's an amazing photographer (check out her blog.., an even more amazing mom, and what I adore most is how genuine she is. I admit, though, when she first asked me to photograph her and her family, I was a bit intimidated since she is a photographer herself! BUT, come time of the session I LOVED every minute. We were bouncing off ideas.. the sun and leaves were perfect... and I have so many favorites. The bike ride is all Amanda! They follow this trail near their house. I love any opportunity to make a session unique for the family :) Amanda, Erich and Elliot, it was such a joy photographing you! Enjoy!

Amanda, you're gorgeous!!

Erich's hat got passed around!

You both are so in love, it's beautiful.