Friday, October 8, 2010

SARAH & DOUG l boston, massachusetts

Meet my sister and brother-in-law. Let me rephrase that.. my FAVORITE sister and AWESOME brother-in-law :) They're two people in my life who I look up to and admire for so many reasons. When I was in Boston visiting I had the pleasure of doing this mini shoot (right before I left actually!) Can you tell it's bright and early in the morning?? Anyway, I love these two.

This lake is right across the street from their new house.. SO beautiful!

The whole family! Meet my nephew Charlie! He's a min-pin and a total natural in front of the camera ;) He'll have his modeling debut soon enough...

After being married for a year and a half, they're happy to announce a new addition to the family...

They're having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!! I could add a few more exclamation points :)


Congratulations Sarah & Doug!!! You're going to see me a lot more now!! haha I have to live up to being the Best Auntie :)


  1. great pics Lauren, and congrats Sarah and Doug!

  2. Muchas felicitaciones para ambos. Wow, Lauren you did it again great pictures. I could even see the baby (ies) twin. Haha

  3. Lauren... I love the site!! Such beautiful pictures. Absolutely love the last photo of Sarah and the soon to be Raymond :)