Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MANDY, STEVE, AVA and ALEX | huntsville, al photographer

I am beyond excited to share this session! I had the honor of photographing Mandy of Mandy Owens Photography and her family!  It is always a huge privilege to photograph another photographer's family.  I truly love being able to bounce off ideas and have their artistic vision come to life.   Mandy is an extremely talented photographer, a beautiful writer and an unconditional loving mother and wife.  Her and her family have so much fun together.  Her kids.. are made for the camera.  They are simply adorable.  And their eyes!  Holy moly their gorgeous!!  They welcomed me into their home which they recently moved into and showed me around their property. Ah.  It was breathtaking and I would have every session there if I could :)  Mandy, Steve, Ava and Alex, thank you for such a wonderful session!  I'm so happy you have met you all!

A quote from Mandy.. "I have always had a major hangup about getting my picture made. I LOATHE seeing myself in a picture... maybe that's why I love the other side of the camera so much - it's safe on my side. ;) However, I had to get over myself because I realized there were hardly any pictures with me in them in the seven year history of our little family... and regardless of what i think about myself, my kids will one day grow up and treasure our family pictures, so it's important to have them made."

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  1. Awesome, Lauren!!! I love these :-)