Monday, March 4, 2013

Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation | new venue in huntsville, al!

I am so excited to be sharing this new venue here in Huntsville! Last week, Heather and Carla, the manager and owner of Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation, gave me a tour of their new facility! They are currently in the renovation stages, and will be opening their doors for an open house on April 13th from 4-7pm! This venue has such a good vibe and energy. The former owner used the plantation as a horse riding farm for handicapped children. The new owners decided to keep the character of the stables, the picket white fence, the acres and acres of land. There are just so many wonderful touches! 

The family has been working day in and day out and I am just so excited for them.  

Thank you again, Heather and Carla, for taking the time out of your day for the tour and to share your story!

Be sure to mark their open house on your calendars!! They're also hosting a "Story Contest!" Read more here!

Their website:

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