Thursday, February 24, 2011

THE COCOA TREE | nashville, tennessee

I spent the weekend in Nashville visiting old college friends, who are also artists themselves. Shoutout to Katie Fair, Amanda Baker, and Ben Norton! Anyway, Katie works part-time at a chocolate shop, and it was on our priority of things to do! This heavenly place, which is located in Germantown, is The Cocoa Tree. Bethany Thouin is the chocolatier and founder. Check out her story on the site. Truffles are her signature. Each is named after a person in Bethany's life. There's something special about knowing there's a story behind that chocolatey goodness. A favorite title of mine: Beck's Margarita, The one that makes you honest. This just makes me smile. Ah, I wish I could've tasted them all! Bethany, it was such a treat visiting your cafe! Katie, you were a wonderful hostess :)

Meet Gabby!

Next time you're in Nashville, plan a visit to The Cocoa Tree! You won't regret it.. you're just going to have a really hard time deciding which to try! I recommend a sample of each!! WITH a sample of the hot chocolate. Don't forget the hot chocolate! It's indescribable and that delicious.

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