Saturday, September 24, 2011

AVERY, 3 months | huntsville, al photographer

She's back, by popular demand! That's right, my niece. At one point she was all over this blog. She was welcomed into this world with a post, she won you over with her many adorable faces, you sat in on her first meeting with her "brother" Charlie and you got a glimpse of her first week of life! I adore this little girl! She has added so much light to our family. I can't believe she'll be 5 months this week!!! Below are a few of my favorites from when I visited her at 3 months.. I snuck in the random Avery's 1st day at the beach! I couldn't get over how cute her ladybug bathing suit was!! Be sure to play the video at the end.. good ole peek-a-boo with Auntie! :)

We dressed her up in hats and bows...

Avery's first trip to the Beach!

Doug had to grab a quick pic on his phone!

She fell asleep on us!

Good ole peek-a-boo with Auntie!

Miss Avery and Peek-a-boo! from Lauren Tomasella on Vimeo.

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