Monday, May 16, 2011

SARAH, DOUG & NEW BABY AVERY | huntsville, al photographer

You've met them already here on the blog, but I am happy to introduce once again Sarah, Doug, and their new baby Avery (my new little niece!). During her first week, I was fortunate enough to spend almost every minute with them, documenting their time together. It was so wonderful to be apart of and capture so many moments that often go unphotographed - her first car ride, her first bed time story, her first bath.. It's hard to believe the next time I see her how different she'll be! I'm so excited to see her grow and become more and more beautiful. Although it was hard to narrow down all of the pictures taken in the first week, below are some of my favorites!

Avery is going to be the most stylish baby on the block!

The next set of drawings were done by Doug - how talented is he!

Their neighbors wrapped their gift in this block.. OF COURSE we were going to use it as a prop!!

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  1. Melissa CookMay 16, 2011

    Lauren!!!! AMAZING!!! such a beautiful depiction of the beginning of Avery's life. You are so talented!! I don't think you slept a wink while you were visting...too busy capturing every sweet moment...THANK YOU for that. I truly enjoy your photography. BEAUTIFUL!!!