Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Including the Kitchen Sink

My fascination with the mundane, and turning it into something extraordinary, led me to take my camera to the kitchen sink. I explored the kitchen spaces occupied by students on campus. The imagery began as purely descriptive, and as a collection they could be interpreted as records of private lives. In positioning myself at an aerial view and honing in on subject matter, I became more concerned with aesthetics and formal issues.

These objects were not intentionally arranged, but I treated them as if they were meticulously composed still lifes. Careful consideration was given to the frame and the existing quality of light to build a strong composition highlighting the shapes, textures and surfaces of these everyday, grubby household items. By making prints on a larger scale, the presence of these "disregarded" sinks become monumental. The imagery exemplifies the imperfect, while revealing the aesthetic aura of the banal kitchen sink.

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