Thursday, April 21, 2011

What to wear to your portrait session | huntsville, al photographer

Trying to figure out the perfect outfit for your portrait session may seem daunting. Don't lose sleep! I’m here to help and offer you some advice.

General Dress/Style Tips

1. Choose clothes that reflect you. Show off your personality! Be comfortable and make sure it fits you well. Most importantly, pick out something that makes you feel good. If you feel amazing, you will look amazing!

2. Embrace color! Simple, yet bold patterns and vibrant colors not only photograph well, but make your images pop. I suggest avoiding clothing with logos, characters, or lettering on them because they will draw attention away from your face.

3. Add a few layers! It’s a fun way to add dimension and texture. By layering you can add and remove pieces to get multiple outfits in during one session without a full clothing change. Examples of layers include a scarf, jacket, or leggings. Also give thought to various textures.

4. Don’t forget about your accessories! Accessories help complete an outfit.

5. Feet! Don’t leave them out. Wear socks, shoes, and sandals that work well with your outfit. It might even be fun to go barefoot!

Family Dress/Style Tips

Now it is time to dress the whole family. The task may seem intimidating, so I suggest using your imagination. Instead of trying to match every outfit, pretend you are creating one entire outfit. Choose a color palette or similar colors and stick to them!

Another way to start is to select one piece of patterned clothing for one person in your family. From there, you can decide on the rest of your family’s outfits using complimentary colors.

What To Wear Inspiration

Below is some visual inspiration. Inspiration for clothing pieces came from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime.

If you need more guidance (or even an opinion), feel free to contact me!

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